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Halloween Information for Merchants & Property Owners 2011

Halloween Information for Merchants & Property Owners 2011

For Downtown Merchants & Property Owners 
 October 17, 2011
Halloween 2007 - Tom Hurley
Homegrown Halloween is Chapel Hill's effort to return Halloween on Franklin Street to its roots, as a small town community gathering, and reduce crowd sizes that have become unmanageable in the past.  This email contains details on town operations for downtown Chapel Hill on Halloween that are important to merchants, property owners, and residents downtown. Complete details can be found at the Town of Chapel Hill's website

Thank you to the Chapel Hill Police Department and the many other town departments who make extraordinary efforts to maintain a safe environment in Chapel Hill for Halloween visitors and everyone in our community! 

Halloween is Monday, October 31st! 
Emergency 911 Contact Information: 
In the event of an emergency, and the police or fire department need to contact a business/property owner, it is important to make sure that the Orange County Emergency Management (911 Emergency) has a current phone number for your business or property. Call (919) 732-5063 to update that information. 
Street Closing Information:
In anticipation of the crowds that come to downtown Chapel Hill, Franklin Street will close at 9PM and police will begin clearing the street of pedestrians at 11:30PM. No vehicular traffic will be allowed in the closed area once the streets are closed. To view a map of street closures - click here. 


Closed Area:
· Franklin Street, from Raleigh Street to Mallette Street 
· Columbia Street, from Rosemary Street to Cameron Avenue 
· Raleigh Street, from East Franklin Street to Cameron Avenue
Parking & Transit Information: 
There are no special event parking or bus shuttles operating from park and ride lots in to downtown. Charter buses will not be allowed to drop off passengers downtown.


Parking meters on the 100 block of East Franklin Street, West Franklin, Henderson and North Columbia Streets will be bagged for 'No Parking' starting at 3:30PM. 


Vehicles parked on the 100 block of East Franklin, West Franklin, Henderson and North Columbia Streets will be towed starting at 6:00PM, with a minimum recovery of $103.


Please discourage employees and customers from parking in the alleys off of Franklin Street.  Once the streets close, vehicles parked in South Alley (Porthole Alley) behind the Carolina Coffee Shop will not have access to Franklin Street.


For questions about Chapel Hill Transit bus routes: 919-969-4900 (press 1) or
Alcohol Restrictions: 
No alcoholic beverages will be allowed in the closed area.   Alcoholic beverages can not be served at sidewalk dining locations once the streets are closed. This restriction is authorized by a Town ordinance making it unlawful to possess alcoholic beverages on streets, sidewalks, parking lots, and alleys within an area closed for a special event.  


Downtown restaurants and bars will close their doors at 1:00 AM to new patrons.


Downtown restaurants and bars will charge a minimum $5 cover charge to patrons not attending a private event.


Downtown convenience stores that sell alcohol will either close their doors or stop selling alcohol at 1:00 AM. 


If your establishment sells alcohol, please restrict all servings to paper or plastic cups, if possible, and all bulk sales to cans to keep glass out of the area.  


Property Information: 
If your establishment has an awning or any removable signs, consider removing or securing them in order to keep them from being damaged. 


Please make sure all exterior property lights are operating - replace bulbs if needed! Keeping all areas of downtown well lit helps with safety for everyone. 


If possible, ensure that interior and exterior rooftop doors are secure to keep people off the roof.   


Prohibited Items: 
Costume accessories that look like weapons; Weapons; Alcoholic Beverages; Glass Bottles; Paint; Fireworks and Explosives; Flammable Substances; Animals; Coolers.  


Information for Downtown Residents:
The Town of Chapel Hill will make every effort to keep people who are attending the event from parking in your neighborhood. Access to your neighborhood will be limited by barricades and police personnel. This will begin early in the evening.
Residents will be able to drive in and out of the enclosed area. Tell the officer at the barricade where you live.
Your guests will also be able to enter and leave. They will need to tell the officer at the barricade exactly where they are going (your address).
Illegally parked vehicles (even of residents & guests) will be ticketed and towed.
Traffic will be congested and getting past the barricades may be a slow process. 


If you have any questions please contact:


Officer Phil Smith of the Chapel Hill Police Department at (919) 968-2760 ext.134 or


Catherine Lazorko, Town of Chapel Hill Public Information Officer, at (919) 968-2760 or  

"Because this year's Halloween is on Monday, our message this year is one of moderation," said Mayor Mark Kleinschmidt. "People have school and work in the morning, so have a good time, but leave early and celebrate responsibly. And, as in the last 3 years, this event is a Chapel Hill event. We are not rolling out the welcome mat for folks from outside Chapel Hill." 
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