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Thursday Night Out

As it's been documented previously, I love living in Downtown Chapel Hill.  I love riding my bike to work, being able to go out for any food I'd like at a drop of a hat, and going out for entertainment on any night of the week.  

Yesterday evening after work, my fiancée Anna and I made quick dinner plans to meet a friend who was getting ready for a long night of work at a bio-chem lab on campus.  Within a few minutes we were seated at Bandido's located in Amber Alley off East Franklin Street.  The festive Mexican restaurant was buzzing on this drizzly cold evening with people looking forward to weekend only one day away.  

Their newly redesigned menus featured fish tacos which caught my eye.  The friendly manager went out of his way to insure that the dish which my friend Liz ordered (who can't eat glucose) was indeed fully gluten-free.  

We had a lovely meal including an unexpected run-in with other friends of ours who were dining there too.  I'd also like to toss in a quick shout-out to their hot salsa which I love!

After dinner Liz biked back to her lab and Anna and I strolled East Franklin.  We soon noticed an interesting class going on at the Ackland Art Museum Store so we stopped in.  Brian Allen, a local artisan, was teaching a free class on print making.  There was a nice crowd gathered watching the demonstration including my landlord!  We watch the class for a bit and wandered around the store as Anna pointed out all of her favorite pieces.  (their children's toys are so cool...)

After the class was over Mr. Allen welcomed people to use his presses and I made a print of an Aristotle quote!  

After lingering a bit longer we wondered back through town to our lovely little downtown home.  Franklin Street is a wonderful place to be and am constantly thankful that I live so close to the action.  Downtown Chapel Hill is truly a great place to live, work and play.