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We Heart Tar Heel Basketball: 2

Tar Heel Love runs deep. It's safe to say that Chapel Hill loves basketball more than most towns in these United States.

Growing up in the suburbs of Atlanta I spent the first ten years of my life cheering on the Atlanta Braves, but when I moved to North Carolina near the end of my fourth grade year my love quickly began to shift. I'll always have a large space in my heart for my Braves, but as soon as I hit the Tar Heel state I quickly fell in love with the Tar Heels of Chapel Hill. I didn't really know where Chapel Hill was, but knew who Dean Smith, Vince Carter, and Antawn Jamison were. I learned to fiercely cheer against Duke as I used to cheer against the New York Yankees, and my love of the Tar Heels would be sealed for life.

Tuesday's game against Evansville will be the first game this season I'll be able to spend in the Dean Dome, the shrine of all Tar Heel Fans. I can't wait.

This season's team seems particularly special to me. A group of talented young men who all wanted to stick together and show the nation what they can do together. I, along with Tar Heel fans across Chapel Hill, North Carolina, and whole country look forward to an exciting and satisfying season hopefully punctuated by a seventh NCAA Championship this spring!!!

Support your Tar Heels all season long. If you can't get into the Dean Dome there's no better place to enjoy the action than Downtown Chapel Hill. With countless restaurants and bars Downtown is where I want to be to cheer on my favorite basketball team...

- Bobby