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Welcome Camos Brothers Pizza to Downtown

I spent the weekend in New York City a few weeks ago and anyone who's ever been to the city knows the look and feel of the MTA Subway System.  To an outsider, the color-coded numbers and letters signifying train lines and schedules seem like another language, but after a few times missing your stop or incorrectly grabbing an express train you find your way. (the iTrans NYC app helps too!) 

Camos Brothers Pizza has the New York look down cold, and the New York flavor goes right along with it.  I ordered two slices and headed to the second floor patio overlooking the Courtyard on a warm spring evening.  There were people dining outside around the courtyard making a very pleasant setting.  They've done some great work on the second floor with ambient colored lights and a granite bar (which in a few days will be a full bar!)  My slices were hot and fresh with excellent texture and flavor.  The crust was crisp and supple.  With great service and great flavor I suspect Camos Bros will quickly become a local favorite!  Camos Brothers was opened by the same folks who operate Fugeddaboudit Pizza in Cary so I would expect loyal fans will find their way to Downtown Chapel Hill promptly!  

Stop by The Courtyard at 431 West Franklin Street for a real New York slice; you won't be disappointed. 919-240-7014