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Harry Potter & Voldemort Interview (7-11-11)

We continue our popular Locally Grown Interview Series with what could be our most exciting chat yet: Harry Potter & Voldemort!  For obvious reasons we conducted separate interviews leading up to part 1 of the final installment of Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows this Thursday at Wallace Plaza:


We start with villain-extraordinaire, Tom Marvolo Riddle, a.k.a. Lord Voldemort:

Downtown Partnership - Lord Voldemort--

Lord Voldemort -  Actually, I'm now known as "The Notorious V.O.L."  I cut my first album last summer.  It's a sort of bluesy, hip-hop, neo-Classical jam.  I expect it to go platinum once I send Nagini to threaten the customers at CD Alley.

DP - Uh . . . congrats!  So!  You've been spending time in Chapel Hill, then? 

LV -  It is one of my favorite places, aside from all the Muggles.

DP -  Yes, it is . . . a pity.  Right, then.  What do you think about being played on screen by Ralph Fiennes? 

LV - I liked him better in Shakespeare in Love.  It is, if you must know, my favorite moving picture.  It deserved the Oscar far more than Saving Private Ryan, that sacrilegious film about the virtues of repelling world domination by a visionary leader like Adolph-- 

DP - Whoa!  You know, let me jump in here.  As a matter of fact, I think it was actually Joseph Fiennes who acted in Shakespeare in Love.


DP - Let's change gears before we wrap it up, what is your favorite spot in town for a date?  

LV - I took Nagini to Jack Sprat, once, but we were most disappointed to learn that they don't serve people to snakes.  I thought the tomato basil soup was delicious, though.


Downtown Partnership: Harry, thank you for taking the time to chat with us.  We know you're quite busy trying to destroy Voldemort.  

Harry Potter: I try not to let my work consume me.

Downtown Partnership - What are the biggest changes you've noticed since you first started at Hogwarts?

Harry Potter - Things have gotten so much darker.  I know I've gotten older, but things are much more serious now than when I first came.  

DP - What has been your favorite memory from growing up?

HP - My first Quiddich match was a great memory; and when I learned that my father was a seeker for Gryffindor it was all the more special.  

DP - You've faced Lord Voldemort several times already, what is your plan this time?  

HP -  It's so difficult to tell when you're facing Voldemort because he is so powerful.  I just need to rely on my character and the love of my parents and my fellow students to get me through.  

DP - What is the most memorable thing you've done in Chapel Hill?  

HP - One of the most memorable things I've done in Chapel Hill was to teach some Tar Heel fans to conjure fire with Confringo on Franklin Street while celebrating a National Championship.  Also, getting sample all of your pubs has been great fun.  

DP - What is your favorite Downtown business?

HP - I like to catch up on spells at Chapel Hill Comics.

DP - What's your favorite place for a first date in Chapel Hill?

HP - I took Ginny to IP3 once.  We watched the quidditch matches on the big screens.

DP - Will you be attending this week's screening of Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows Part 1?

HP - I plan to attend, but in disguise ; I believe Ron and Hermione will be with me as well.  Dress up and we'll have a great costume party on Wallace Plaza.