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Calling All Sneakerheads : Estate Boutique

For those who don't know, a sneakerhead is anyone with a passion for interesting, rare, classic, or otherwise awesome sneakers!  

Estate Boutique at 400 W. Rosemary St. is Downtown Chapel Hill's official sneakerhead headquarters.  If you're interested in buying or selling sneakers stop by soon and check out the stock.

Here are the details of sneaker consignment at Estate:

Estate Boutique is looking for people selling sneakers sizes 8-15, deadstock or in great condition. We have implemented a new sneaker wall in our store. If your familiar with Flight Club then you already know how this works.  Estate is a trusted and reliable source and the process is fairly quick. This gives customers and true sneaker collectors a place right here in Chapel Hill to have a network of sneaker lovers,while also making some extra money!
You bring us your sneakers.
We, Customer(You)/Owner(US) set a price for them to be sold.
You fill out paperwork and when they sell you recieve a check/paypal 2 days after they are sold.
We ask for 70/30 split, you get 70% and we take 30%.
Estate has a huge inventory of shoes featuring brands like Nike, Jordan, Addidas, Reebok,Converse, Creative, Rec and Supra.