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Hold Fast Pedal Straps at Back Alley Bikes

I've documented may times how much I love living downtown.  The fast commute, the quick connection to endless activities, and the feeling of being in the heart of the community are all great reasons to live in Downtown Chapel Hill.  

 I bike most places I go here; you may have seen me on my green bike and silver helmet.  The one thing I was unhappy with on my bike was my pedals.  Traditional metal toe clips only get you so far (my bike is fix geared which means if the bike is moving, the pedals are moving) and they were not providing the needed connectivity to my pedals so when I saw the blog post from Back Alley Bikes (they consistently have a great blog!) about Hold Fast pedals I saw my biking future on my screen.  

A few days later I was rocking my own set of Hold Fasts and I've been loving every second!  If you're looking for a new pedal solution, stop by the shop at 106 B North Graham St and get rolling in style!

- Bobby