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Welcome to The Edge of the Triangle!

The Chapel Hill/Orange County Visitors Bureau unveiled its new “Edge of the Triangle” tourism campaign on Tuesday afternoon at the new Top of the Hill Distillery. 

A crowd of more than 100 community leaders and tourism supporters attended the event and previewed a series of print and online ads and strategies focused on either Exploring, Tuning Into, Tasting, Unwinding On, Meeting At ... The Edge of the Triangle.

The campaign invites visitors to: “Travel to the fringe of mainstream when visiting North Carolina’s Research Triangle. Chapel Hill’s sights, sounds and tastes are worth discovering.”

This campaign kicks off the transition of the Chapel Hill/Orange County Visitors Bureau’s new Chapel Hill “Edge of the Triangle” logo and in the coming months new-look website and visitor resource materials.

Some of the materials developed by Clean Design are now appearing in key target markets.  

The campaign highlights many of the reasons why Chapel Hill is so cutting edge, including:

  • In a world where everywhere is beginning to look like anywhere else, Chapel Hill has been able to maintain a sense of its history without being stuck in the past. It’s a vital, growing, changing town, but one that’s learned how to leave what’s good alone.
  • Chapel Hill prizes its legacy, whether that’s basketball or the hard-to-describe feeling you get from strolling down its tree-lined streets and yet it couldn’t be more contemporary. Because of that, it’s hard to believe that Chapel Hill, in one incarnation or another, has been here through four different centuries.
  • Cat’s Cradle. James Taylor. Squirrel Nut Zippers. Chocolate Drops. Chapel Hill and Orange County are home to wonderful live music. Sometimes you’ll find it on the front porch of The Carolina Inn, on Thursdays on the front lawn at Weaver Street, sometimes on last Fridays down in Hillsborough, but you’ll find it.
  • On one street, Franklin, there are enough world-class meals to satisfy everyone in the world. >From first-class pan-Asian cuisine at The Lantern, to Elaine’s, nouveau cuisine where the chef is justly proud of his wild game. Crooks Corner. In Historic Hillsborough? Saratoga Grill and Matthews Chocolates are only separated by a few yards, so if you’re on a tight schedule you can have dinner at one and fresh chocolate at another.
  • But it’s not all bow-ties and tails here. For barbecue, there’s Allen and Sons and Hillsborough BBQ and for a nowhere-else-in-the-universe-tastebud-extravaganza, visit Dips for southern cooking most of the south has forgotten how to cook, and never cooked this well.

As the official destination marketing organization of Chapel Hill and Orange County, the mission of the Chapel Hill/Orange County Visitors Bureau is to develop and coordinate visitor services in Orange County and to implement marketing programs that will enhance the economic activity and quality of life in the community. The Chapel Hill/Orange County Visitors Bureau is fully funded by hotel occupancy taxes paid by visitors.

~From The Chapel Hill/ Orange County Visitors Bureau