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bevello: Where Every Woman is a Bombshell!

My first experience at a bevello boutique was in Wilmington, NC at Mayfaire Town Center.  I had spotted a must-have dress from favorite designer Judith March on a woman the previous night at a fabulous fashion show.  She willingly confessed her find location, so it became my mission to seek it out.  My girlfriend Beth and I made our inaugural trek to bevello and instantly fell in love not only with the merchandise but with the staff. 

At first full store perusal I didn't spot my coveted Judith March dress.  Then my fairy godmother appeared in the form of the sales manager. Once I shared my mission she headed to the back stockroom and reappeared with a bounty of treasures.  The very dress I came in search of had been pulled from the sales floor and boxed up to ship off with other end of summer merchandise.  It was my lucky day!  And a true to testament to one of the company’s many mission statements.  bevello gave me the respect I deserved and the help I needed, while making my time a fun, no-hassle experience.  

At bevello the founding principle is as follows: "The love you get is the air you breathe.  Love your life, love your friends, love your clothes."  Who doesn't love that mantra?!  It's a code I live by.

Chan Namgong, a 2007 UNC graduate, launched bevello as an online boutique in April 2009 after leaving behind a career as an executive with Johnson Automotive Group.  Namgong had always been interested in fashion, especially the psychology of shopping.  He decided to pursue his dream and open a business founded on a simple concept: love.

Of the 13 bevello boutiques in NC, Virginia and Texas we are lucky enough to have one right here in Chapel Hill!  Let me introduce you to store manager Clair Shaw.

The Chapel Hill store was an explosion of color when I walked in last week.  What have been your favorite summer styles and what can we look forward to this fall? 

My favorite styles have definitely been the tunics we get in all seasons.  Ellison Tunics are always so versatile.  You can tuck them into some fabulous, fun colored denim or wear them loose.

Our fall line is very fun!  We have a lot of unique blends in tops, as well as awesome colored Hudson denim. 

Like bevello on Facebook and you can enter a chance to win a store gift certificate.

Another bevello mission statement.  "When you shop at bevello, we want you to feel loved.  It is our mission to help you dress your best and feel your best wherever you go.  You won't just be our beloved customers, but also the beloved of everyone who lays eyes on you."

Sold!  Visit and feel the love today at bevello on Franklin Street.  Share a bevello experience below.


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