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New Taxi Regulations Downtown

From Town of Chapel Hill Press Release

Riding taxis in Chapel Hill will be more convenient and consistent, thanks to new taxi regulations that take effect January 1. 

Reflecting the Council's interest of maintaining consistent high quality taxi services in Chapel Hill, local regulations were updated for taxi fares and companies. The changes set a flat rate between $6 and $8 for an area that extends to a 1-1/2 mile radius around the Chapel Hill Central Business District. The flat rate zone includes all of the Central Business District, most of the main campus of UNC, and a large area of predominantly student occupied housing located north of Rosemary Street up to North Estes Drive. The western edge of the zone ends at the Carrboro city limit. 

Trips that originate and terminate in the flat rate zone and cross over both Franklin and Rosemary streets are subject to the "cross over" fee. The cross over fee factors in short distance fares within the flat rate zone, supporting riders who wish to travel a short distance and compensating the taxi company for longer trips within the flat rate zone.  

The Uniform Taxi Fare Schedule is as follows: 

Flat Rate Zone: 
• $6 per trip originating and terminating in the flat rate zone not crossing over both Franklin and Rosemary Streets (1 or 2 passengers). 
• $8 per trip originating and terminating in the flat rate zone crossing over both Franklin and Rosemary Streets (1 or 2 passengers). 
• $2 per additional passenger over 2 persons 

Non Flat Rate Zone: 
• $2.50 per mile with a $5 minimum fare (1 or 2 passengers) 
• $2 per additional passenger over 2 persons 
• $2.50 drop charge 

Special Event Rate: When transporting passengers to or from any UNC home football game, men's basketball game, commencement activities, Festifall, and any other Town-sponsored events that cause significant traffic congestion, the Town Manager may designate a "special event rate" to be in effect for the duration of the event. 
• $5 per passenger 

Only taxi, limousine, and pedicab operators registered with the Chapel Hill Police Department are permitted to conduct business in Chapel Hill. Registered operators pay associated fees, submit to mandatory drug testing for driver permits, and all taxis must have working air conditioning. All registered operators will be prominently marked with registration stickers issued by the Town. 

Taxi stands have been established at bus stops near the Carolina Coffee Shop on the 100 block of Franklin Street and near the Chapel Hill News on the 500 block of Franklin Street. Taxis will be able to park in these locations when buses are not in service, from 11:30 p.m. to 4 a.m. 

The Council action was prompted by a petition from former UNC student body president Mary Cooper. 

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