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Homegrown Halloween on Franklin Street

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 Over the years the Homegrown Halloween celebration on Franklin Street has smartly become a more controlled, safer, and yet still exciting night for everyone.  You will be stopped by police officers before you get to the main stretch and you will not be allowed to bring in any costume accessories that are, or even look like, weapons. Also prohibited are paint, fireworks, animals, alcohol, glass bottles, or coolers. (Full details here.)  So, Cleopatra leave the snake at home. And Luke Skywalker – if your get up doesn't convey what you are then a faux-light saber isn't going to help you.

While you are at it – thank those police officers for being there to keep us all safe. They are missing out on taking their kids trick-or-treating to make sure your mom doesn't get a phone call in the middle of the night.

For a listing of Halloween Parties and Events in downtown businesses: CLICK HERE. 

What Will You Be For Halloween?  

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In Chapel Hill this question has no age limit! You are not too cool to be a part of this crowd. This is Halloween and you are coming to Franklin Street make it memorable! It doesn't have to be elaborate but you will have to put some thought into it. 

  • Don't forget the UNC fan gear shops -- these shops have tons of unique accessories that can go with any costume (think jewelry, hats, gloves). 
  • Sutton's Drug Store and Walgreens have those final touches like makeup, hair accessories, rope, and tape (what good costume doesn't involve rope & tape? NONE!). 
  • And Light Years Jewelrybevello, and Uniquities, have scarves, sunglasses, and costume jewelry to complete an ensemble.

Other things to think about: Humor beats sex every time, group costumes are crowd pleasers, and timely pop culture references are where it's at!

Have Fun! Be Safe!

Halloween 2012-24.jpg

If there is one thing that we do extremely well in Chapel Hill is throw a great street celebration and we do it with our utmost southern charm and congeniality. Taking care of each other is a shared value that we expect everyone to have. This is a night of creativity and fun– so have a  safe Halloween and keep your hands to yourself. And when it does get crowded – keep an eye out for anyone that may need a helping hand even if it is a green, bumpy, alien hand.

And again this year, I would like to strongly propose a new tradition on Franklin Street - everyone bring candy to pass out!  Don’t turn it into the beads ala New Orleans and don’t throw it at each other – leave the tricks at home. This is Halloween after all and giving out candy is just a nice thing to do.