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Advocating for Streetscape Improvements

The Downtown Partnership is known for serving the downtown community in many ways, often the most visible is our special events and marketing of businesses and organizations. But one service we provide that isn't as visible is our advocacy for business interests and facilitation with our all of our partners in the downtown community.   Recently we brought together our partners - including a business, property owner, and Town departments - to discuss how to meet everyone's interests regarding infrastructure needs on public property on West Franklin Street.

 In our capacity as a liaison between the downtown business community and town staff we met to talk about this issue and worked out a compromise that all believe will be beneficial for the business and the downtown community as a whole.  An unused bench was removed and replaced with three new bike racks. Tree branches were limbed to provide better sight lines to the businesses. And lastly, the planters were mulched and weeded.

This is just one example of the many important advocacy projects we do on behalf of the downtown  community.  

If your downtown business or organization has an interest that we can help with - we would love to lend a hand!