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Carrboro & Chapel Hill Bicycle Friendly Businesses Announced!

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Carrboro Bicycle Coalition is excited to recognize 12 Carrboro and Chapel Hill businesses as Bicycle Friendly Businesses (BFBs). BFBs create a bicycle friendly environment for customers and employees that encourage them to travel regularly by bike. Through their support of bicycling, these businesses are making Carrboro and Chapel Hill a more vibrant and sustainable community.

What makes a BFB? These businesses provide easily accessible and secure bike parking. They incentivize commuting by bike for their employees and customers alike through bicycle friendly reward programs, and take an active role in bicycle advocacy in the communities they serve. Studies by theAmerican Journal of Preventive Medicine and TNO, a Dutch economic think tank, have shown that BFBs employ happier and healthier employees. These employees have higher job satisfaction ratings, take fewer sick days, and are more productive than their counterparts in non-BFBs. Customers of BFBs rank those businesses more favorably and frequent them more often than businesses lacking bike friendly infrastructure.     

1. Back Alley Bikes

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2. The Clean Machine

3. Open Eye Cafe

4. The Bicycle Chain- Chapel Hill

5. 300 East Main

6. Steel String Craft Brewery

7. University United Methodist Church

8. Chapel Hill Transit

9. Bread & Butter Bakery

10. Southeastern Camera

11. Looking Glass Cafe

12. PTA Thrift Shop

For the inaugural phase of the Bicycle Friendly Business program, the Carrboro Bicycle Coalition received a grant from Strowd Rosesto cover the cost of a custom designed bicycle rack made by local artisan Leo Gaev. Local businesses completed a bicycle friendly business application and out of the businesses that achieved bicycle friendly recognition, the Carrboro Bicycle Coalition selected Open Eye Cafe as the winner of the bicycle rack due to its support of local bicycle advocacy and its central location among bicycle commuters.

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The Bicycle Friendly Business program provides incentives; free one on one consulting, and community recognition to businesses that actively support bicycling. Recognition as a Bicycle Friendly Business is valid for three years from the date of the award. You will soon be able to spot the BFBs easily by the decals we will give them for their windows. For more information about Bicycle Friendly Businesses or how to become a Bicycle Friendly Business, contact Seth Lajeunesse of the Carrboro Bicycle Coalition at