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Syd's Hair Shop to Open Second Location Downtown

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FROM  Syd's Hair Shop:

As of June 1st, we have signed the lease on a second location, which we hope to have opened by summer’s end.  Woohoo!  We know you will have questions about this exciting step, so we have tried to anticipate some of them below.  If you have additional questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.  We may not have the answers just yet, but we want to make this transition as smooth and stress-free as possible for all concerned.

Why are you doing this?

Well, for lots of reasons actually.  But mostly it’s because we’re bursting at the seams.  We’ve outgrown our current location, but we didn’t want to leave it.  The new shop will give us some flexibility to address problems that have arisen because of overcrowding like limited parking and walk-in availability, and available appointments during peak hours.  It will also provide space to expand our business in the future.  We’re really excited about it and we hope you will be too!

Is Syd’s moving?

Nope.  The original Syd’s will stay right where it is and continue to provide all the same awesome services it always has.  The only difference is that some of our owners and stylists will be working from the second location or from both locations.

Where is the second location?

106 B North Graham Street, Chapel Hill.  There will likely be a different phone number and email address for the new location too.  We will be sending out periodic updates via email and facebook as those changes are made.

What will the new location be called?

We toyed with a few different options.  ‘Syd’s II: Electric Bugaloo’ and ‘& Nancy’s’ were both strong contenders, but in the end we decided the new location would be called ‘Syd’s on Graham’ while the original flagship store will be referred to as ‘Syd’s on Rosemary.’

Why are you opening a second shop just down the street from the original recipe Syd’s?

The fact is we looked at locations in Durham , Carrboro, and Hillsborough and we just didn’t find anything we liked as much as this space.  Besides, we love Chapel Hill.  This is our home and we’re happy and proud to have the opportunity to reinvest in the community that has given so much to us.

THANK YOU!  Follow us on Facebook to see updates on Syd's on Graham .919/942-7606  27516, NC, Chapel Hill,,108 W. Rosemary St.