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What to Expect at an Unexpected Fire Inspection!

REMINDER: What to Expect at an Unexpected Fire Inspection!

Free Employee Training & Information Session 
for Downtown Businesses 
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Fire Prevention & 
Life-Safety Information Sessions: 
The Town of Chapel Hill Fire Department and the Chapel Hill Downtown Partnership have partnered to host this session.
Our goal is to educate the downtown business community on life-safety and fire department initiatives through quarterly information sessions in 2013-2014. The sessions are free and open to all businesses, organizations, and property owners.

What To Expect at an Unexpected Fire Inspection!

Tuesday, August 27 

 3:00pm to 4:30pm

Zog's Pool Hall

108 Henderson Street

Downtown Chapel Hill


Do your employees know your Occupancy Limit and how to manage it? Are your fire exits marked and clear? Are fire extinguishers secured to the wall and clearly visible? Make sure you are prepared for a fire inspection!


The fall semester at UNC starts on Tuesday, August 20 and we're all happy to see the students returning to our downtown businesses!  To ensure their safety the Town of Chapel Hill Fire Department conducts frequent unannounced inspections of all downtown bars, restaurants, and nightclubs; usually on weekend nights when these businesses are their busiest.


This session will walk your business through the process of those inspections and provide you with complete information about inspection standards. This session is aimed at front-line staff like bartenders, wait staff, kitchen staff, and managers - the employees that will most likely be a part of the inspections - but all merchants and property owners are welcome!


For more information, please contact:

Dace Bergen                                                   Meg McGurk

Interim Deputy Chief/ Fire Marshal                       Executive Director

Town of Chapel Hill                                           Chapel Hill Downtown Partnership

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