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Announcing the West Franklin Bike Corral

West Franklin Street needed more bicycle parking options. Often visitors are forced to lock their bikes to trash cans and sign poles, making the sidewalk congested and unsafe for pedestrians.  Or worse – without bike racks they may not come into our businesses if their bike is not safely secured.  As part of the 2013-2015 Plan of Work for the Downtown Partnership we advocate for a safe, bike-friendly and transit-friendly downtown to make it accessible for all customers and visitors.  

Now we are excited to announce that we have partnered with the Town of Chapel Hill to install a bike corral on West Franklin Street.   The bike corral was just installed on the north side of West Franklin Street; across from McDonalds. It will have space for 12 bicycles at one time. Bike corrals transform a standard single car parking space into an area where multiple bicycles can park at once promoting bike-in business, and creating access for far more people than one parking spot serves.  

We will continue to advocate for downtown’s interests in the Town of Chapel Hill’s current Bike Plan process; to determine how Chapel Hill can build infrastructure, change policies and implement programs to create a place where bicycling is a safe, modern and connected form of transportation for all. (

If you're driving and parking on West Franklin Street never fear!  There's more parking than ever.  Find all of the best spots at

Downtown Bike Parking Map