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Graffiti Removal & Mural Restoration at Pantana Bob's

Painters painting painters painting

Painters painting painters painting

A lot of people aren't aware of some of the under-the-radar work the Downtown Partnership does to help make Downtown Chapel Hill the wonderful place that it is.  If you'll indulge me, take a minute and see one of the ways we help businesses downtown!

A couple weeks ago we noticed a bit of unsightly graffiti on the Paint-By-Numbers Football Mural at Pantana Bob's.  We immediately contacted the bar to make sure they were aware of the tagging and offered our help.  

The first thing to do with any graffiti is to document it and report it to the police so they can determine if it may be gang related.  The next step is to remove graffiti as quickly as possible.  The thinking here is to disincentivize graffiti by making it disappear as fast as it appears.  For this we got some white paint and brushes and coordinated a couple volunteers to cover the graffiti as a short-term solution.  The problem was the graffiti greatly damaged the mural and we didn't want anyone to completely cover the mural.  

Enter Michael Brown, the local artist behind most of our downtown murals.  In coordination with Pantana Bob's the Downtown Partnership contracted with Michael Brown to repair the mural splitting the cost with Pantana Bob's restoring the mural to its original shine.  

This sort of work is one of the great benefits the Chapel Hill Downtown Partnership brings to our community.  A lot of what we do isn't flashy, but it is certainly valuable.   - Bobby