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Guest Blog: Watching the Carolina vs Duke Game Downtown

Don't Have Tickets to the Big Game? Watch it Downtown at Four Corners!

Guest Blog by Jonathan L.

 One thing that is undeniable about life in Chapel Hill is that the town revolves around the university. This symbiotic relationship between the town and the school is important to understand because on nights when the Tar Heels have a big game at stake, the town comes alive with activity. And if that game happens to feature an opponent with an ugly shade of blue and a four-letter word on the front of the jersey, you can bet that the streets of downtown Chapel Hill will be teeming with Tar Heel fanatics.

As a 2012 graduate of Carolina, I learned pretty quickly that one cannot attend this university and not immediately become an avid Tar Heel sports fan. And while it was always nice to win at football, the real season started in November and the games were played in the Dean E. Smith Center. Another thing I learned pretty quickly is that on the two nights out of the year when we play Duke, I better find a television and clear my schedule because nothing else in the world matters during those two hours. 

Watching the Duke game downtown can be difficult because the entire town rallies around the team in support of the Tar Heels. Carolina fans want to be surrounded by other Carolina fans so that we can revel in the joy of victory together or console each other in the unlikely event of a defeat. Wednesday night the Tar Heels had their first showdown with Duke and I elected to go downtown to watch the game. My friends and I decided to go to a place where we had watched several Tar Heel victories in the past: Four Corners.

Four Corners is a small restaurant located at 175 East Franklin St. right beside the courthouse. The restaurant is quaint on the inside with two levels of seating and televisions surrounding the entire restaurant; it's an ideal location to watch a Carolina beat down of Duke. We knew it was mandatory to be at least an hour early or else we would not have been able to find a table. Fortunately, when we arrived there was a table available in the upper level of the restaurant so we settled in and began to mentally prepare ourselves for the roller coaster of emotions we were about to experience.

As soon as our waiter came we had our first request ready: garlic cheese fries. Four Corners has an exceptional appetizer list including the nachos grande and delicious chicken wings dipped in your choice of numerous savory sauces, but we knew that the night had to get started off right and the cheese fries at Four Corners are legendary. Garlic fries smothered in melted cheese with bacon on top was an ideal way to begin what we were sure would be a successful night. After making quick work of the fries, we ordered wings tossed in garlic sauce, another Four Corners staple.

While we were in the process of devouring our wings, the basketball game finally started. At that point, the restaurant was packed to the brim with Tar Heel fans. Every eye was glued to a television and each point was celebrated with raucous cheers. After polishing off the wings, I ordered the Four Corners burger for my entree. With bacon, cheese, pickles and onion rings on top of a perfectly-seasoned burger, it was the perfect choice to lift my mood during halftime as the Tar Heels trailed the Blue Devils by 7. The second half of the game was heartbreaking as Carolina played exceptionally well and built a 10-point lead only to completely collapse in the final minutes and lose in overtime. 

It was a disappointing end to the night, but once again Four Corners delivered as the place to be for Carolina games. The atmosphere was electric and the food was phenomenal. Even though my string of watching Tar Heel victories at Four Corners was snapped, I will absolutely be back there soon because it is simply my favorite place to watch UNC games in Chapel Hill. 

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