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Florafitti: Words Grow on Franklin Street

As springtime sunshine has quickly melted away the winter, life has begun to take shape in the mulch beds downtown.

At first, green leaves slowly began to pop up through the freshly laid mulch, circling around old tree roots and lacing its way alongside brick pathways. Seemingly just weeds, the sprouts made their way through to sunlight.

But as each day passed, the leaves grew faster to form a more defined appearance. The sprouts began to take shape, all fluffy and full and it became clear.

These are not weeds. They are words!    Explore       Run Faster     Create    Play    Look Up    Pause

 Each enchanting word instructing passerbys to explore, pause, play, and just maybe continue on down Franklin Street to discover more green treasure.  

Have you seen them? Do you have a favorite?

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