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Carolina Square Update: Demolition on West Franklin Street!

Carolina Square Update: Demolition on West Franklin Street!
Carolina Square Update

Exterior demolition has begun at Carolina Square and we are getting a lot of questions! Here's a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) to get you updated.

What is Carolina Square?
Carolina Square (formerly University Square) is the name of the $120 million mixed-use project located at 123 West Franklin Street in downtown Chapel Hill. 

What is the timeline for construction and building of Carolina Square?
In May 2015 construction fencing went up; interior demolition and abatement began. This week, exterior demolition started and it's a dramatic sight for downtown! The demolition started on the west side of the buildings and will move eastward in the coming weeks. Demolition and removal of debris will continue through the summer, followed by construction to begin in the late fall. The completion of the development is expected in the summer of 2017.

What will Carolina Square look like?
Carolina Square will include approximately 246 apartment units, 159,000 square feet of office space, and 42,000 square feet of retail space. The project will have almost one acre of landscaped green space and a parking deck with 880 spaces. To view more renderings, visit
What happened to the businesses that were there?
Some of the businesses remain in downtown Chapel Hill in new locations. Time Out is located at 201 East Franklin Street. Eye Care Center moved just across the street to 140 West Franklin Street. Franklin Street Yoga Center and Chapel Hill Barber Shop moved to The Courtyard on West Franklin Street. Sun Trust bank located across the street to 126 West Franklin Street. Some businesses moved to University Place or other locations in Chapel Hill. And a few businesses chose to close permanently. 

What businesses will be going in to Carolina Square?
According to Cousins Properties, commercial pre-leasing activity has been strong, with the University of North Carolina signing a 62,000 square foot office lease for their Carolina Population Center (CPC) and School of Public Health, Biostatistics and Epidemiology groups. Also in May, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill announced that Carolina Performing Arts will be creating The Core@Carolina Square. This 8,500 square-foot facility will include an innovation lab, studio and theater. 

What about Granville Towers?
Granville Towers remains open and fully accessible by foot, bike, and car from both West Franklin Street and now via Cameron Avenue with a new entrance. In fact, summer sports camps have started at UNC and Granville Towers is a hub of wonderful activity. So, please slow down as you drive downtown. There are many young people walking around Franklin Street and their parents have left them here in our care as they go to summer camp! 

I have more questions, who should I contact?
If you have questions regarding the demolition and removal process, please contact Dan Coith at or 919-877-5971.

If you have questions about downtown or Carolina Square, please contact Meg McGurk, Executive Director of the Chapel Hill Downtown Partnership at or 919-967-9440. 

If you are interested in retail or office leasing at Carolina Square, please contact Charlie Coyne at 919-831-8233 (retail) or Brad Corsmeier at 919-831-8236 (office) with CBRE/Raleigh Commercial Real Estate. 

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