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Restaurant Review: Mint Indian Restaurant

Downtown Chapel Hill boasts cuisine from all over the world. Turkey, Greece, Lebanon, Japan, Mexico, Italy, China, and India. In fact with four Indian restaurants, you can even choose from regional styles like southern contemporary or traditional.  But don’t worry my hungry friends! I am here to help. I have been to a number of these restaurants and am here to say that I highly recommend Mint, located at 504 West Franklin Street.  I have been here many times and have loved everything I have ever eaten there. 

Start your evening downtown and don't worry about parking. On West Franklin Street, there is free valet parking for 12 different restaurants, and Mint is one of them. You just drive up to the valet stand, at 440 West Franklin Street, give them your keys, get a voucher and walk to dinner. Oh and best thing! It’s free! Yes– FREE! Although you can tip them, which I highly recommend.

At Mint Restaurant the friendly staff will greet you seat you immediately. The restaurant décor is modern and comfortable.  The wait staff are very attentive , making sure you are enjoying your meal the whole time you are there. You will never have to work off those delicious calories you just ate trying to flag down a wait person.

But on to what you really care about – the food! Ah, my mouth is just watering typing this.

Ok, so they have a very extensive menu but I especially love their lamb and goat options. Now don’t worry my little American friends, they also beef, chicken, seafood, and even vegetarian options. But if you’re feeling adventurous get the lamb or goat. These dishes are delicious and highly traditional to Indian cuisine.

For people who love spice, and I mean SPICE, traditional non-Americanized levels this is the place to go. But don’t worry my fellow babies of spice (aka Me) they will also make it as mild as you want. They ask you on a scale of 1 to 5 how spicy you want it. I usually go for a 2 but I have been to this restaurant with friends who have been raised with Indian food at the traditional level and if you ask of your food to be a 5 on the spicy scale expect that it is going to be a solid 5!  The menu also offers soups, salads , and desserts. Try the mango cheesecake or the kheer, a traditional Indian “Rice Pudding” with nuts and cardamom.

Can’t decide what to order for dinner? Then you may want to go for the lunch buffet which is offered EVERY DAY! Mint is open 7 days a week.

Don’t take just my word for it – stop in for lunch or dinner and enjoy all Mint has to offer.