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Restaurant Review: Mediterranean Deli

            I grew up as a stubborn, picky eater. I never wanted my food touching, no sauces, no extra vegetables; I was the definition of ‘Plain Jane’. My family had grown up frequenting Mediterranean Deli, located on West Franklin Street, and I would always get the same thing: a gyro plain with just the lamb and the pita. Boring, right? I think everyone who used to dine with me pre-college would have agreed too.

            As I got older and my taste buds adapted and became more cultured, I found that these extra fixing’s and sauces were actually quite delicious. Speaking Greek, I adapted a new found love for hummus and tabouli, as well as wanting to try my gyro that I used to love completely plain with all the added goodness. So, when my parents asked me where I wanted to go to dinner the other night, I picked a place my taste buds were dying to give a second chance, Mediterranean Deli.

            My mom wanted the hummus platter, which not only starred their deliciously smooth hummus, but also a side of tabouli, pita, and olives. I went straight for my gyro, welcoming the addition of fresh lettuce, tomatoes, onions, peppers, and tzatziki sauce. Goodness gracious was my mouth experiencing a wonderful flavor sensation.

            I dove right into my gyro. The rotisserie-cooked lamb was perfectly tender and seasoned. The lettuce, tomato, onion, and pepper were the perfect crunch and cool accent to the steaming hot meat, allowing your mouth to experience both the two extremes all at one time. Their tzatziki sauce is unmatched: it is the perfect measure of not too creamy, not too overpowering, and the perfect coating to top off meat and vegetable combination. All of this deliciousness was perfectly situated inside a warm, home made pita that brilliantly absorbed all the excess flavor dripping from the lamb and the tzatziki sauce.

            Had I really been missing out on such goodness for all that time? Unfortunately, yes. But revisiting and freshly experiencing this old goodie gave me new appreciation for all flavors Greek, something I should have never passed up in the first place. A list of all of Mediterranean Deli’s delectable’s are available at and they are sure not to disappoint! 

By Guest Blogger Kerry K.