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22 Photos That Will Make You Fall In Love With Summertime In Downtown Chapel Hill


Sometimes it's hard to capture Chapel Hill's beauty with words, so here's 22 pictures that show the downtown's charm:



1. You could enjoy this priceless view every day




2. The food is just as delicious as it looks




3.  Explore the downtown by bike



4. ... Or on foot

People Walking - 60.jpg



5. Appreciate other’s art



6. And create your own!



7. Hunt for treasures in the thrift shops downtown



8. Play in the plazas




9. Window-shop downtown




10. Kick back and relax on this front porch



11. This could be your morning run




12. There are plenty of benches to relax and enjoy the sun



13. Discover fine art on our Artwalks



14. Cheers to dinner out on beautiful summer nights



15. You can always find entertainment downtown



16.  Experience the best 4th of July celebration



17. Spend a night or two at this historic Inn



18. Buy fresh produce at the local Farmers Market




19. Listen to serenades on the street




20. This could be your daily dessert stop



21. Grab a beer on the rooftop and enjoy a birds-eye view of downtown



22. Pick a good book and make this your reading nook

Where to park when coming downtown.

Also enjoy free 2 hour on-street parking every Saturday in July

By Liz Mainous






Liz Allen Mainous