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Morehead Planetarium & Science Center – It’s Not Just for Kids

Downtown Chapel Hill’s Morehead Planetarium & Science Center offers more than just children’s programs. They have many shows throughout the month designed specifically for teens and adults. Morehead’s events are perfect for a date or night out with friends! Expand your universe through the programs below:


Carolina Science Café

This free science program is hosted on the first Wednesday of every month at Topo’s Back Bar. Designed for adults, this program explores the science topics making national and international headlines and offers the chance to meet the experts behind the headlines. Also enjoy beverages from Topo’s menu and free appetizers while they last! More information



Free skywatching sessions are held at Morehead every month. Morehead educators and CHAOS members (from Chapel Hill Astronomical & Observational Society) bring telescopes and guide you through fun observations of stars, planets, moons, nebulae and other celestial objects. You might even see a few meteors! Throughout this unique evening, expect to peek through telescopes for up-close views of celestial objects, take a laser-guided “star tour” of the night sky, learn where to look for major constellations, and ask the astronomers for answers to all the astronomy questions you have! More information


Teen Science Café

This free program is designed for young adults (ages 13-18) who like to talk to scientists about their work, meet other teens who like science, and want to share their ideas. Teen Science Café is held on the second Friday of every month May to September and includes pizza! More information. 


Starry Nights

Explore the night sky under the planetarium dome! During the Starry Nights program for adults and older teens, you'll learn how to identify the planets, bright stars and constellations that are easiest to find during the current season, with expert guidance from a Morehead astronomy educator. You'll hear stories and legends from various cultures about the visible star patterns. You'll also receive a season-specific update on eclipses, meteor showers and other astronomical phenomena. More information. 

Liz Allen Mainous