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DB Sutton & Company Wine Shop

Good taste in hair and aesthetic, good taste in wine. That’s what DB Sutton & Company is all about.

DB Sutton & Company has existed on Franklin St. for 18 years now as a hair salon. Over the summer in July, a new venture was brought inside the location – Downtown Chapel Hill’s only wine shop. Although the hair salon and wine shop exist under the same brand name, the wine shop is its own entity.

The wine shop idea came into fruition when owner David Sutton started to think about how he would re-divide the space with his acquisition. Now, people have the opportunity to come in to DB Sutton & Company, look around, experience the wine tasting sessions and buy wine right on Franklin St.

“When I acquired the building in January, I decided to do something that was needed downtown,” Sutton said. “There’s not a lot of businesses that people can go in and spend time, there’s not a lot of casual browsing.”

Owner David Sutton has been working on Franklin St. for 30 years. The wine shop is a part of his desire to re-establish the focus of what is available downtown, with an emphasis on good “lifestyle” destinations. He envisions the growing development of Chapel Hill as a place where residents can live, work and get everything they need downtown.

As for the wine, it’s old-world focused and comes from places all over the world. In addition to this, Sutton likes to prioritize small farmers that care about their products, the environment and their process.

“I try to do things that are organic, I try and do things that are biodynamic. If they’re not organic, they’re practicing organic if they can’t be certified because it’s expensive to become certified organic. I try and do small production so that it’s not a huge corporate thing. You know, interesting stories and interesting locations. And definitely all good taste, because I taste everything that I have here,” Sutton said.

The wine shop holds frequent wine tastings. These usually take place for about an hour and a half around dinner time on the weekends. That way, people can come downtown, have a few sips of wine and head to dinner.

Look no further than DB Sutton & Company for a high-quality wine shopping experience all around.

- Laura Shanahan