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We've asked the town to study re-striping options of W. Franklin Street

Wednesday night I presented a petition to Town Council, on behalf of the Chapel Hill Downtown Partnership Board, asking the town to conduct a Traffic Impact Analysis of re-striping W. Franklin Street. NCDOT is planning on repaving W. Franklin Street soon, and this gives us the opportunity to repaint the street to improve safety and comfort. We've asked the Town to :

  • Maintain or increase on-street parking spaces

  • Potentially add protected bicycle lanes

  • Reduce crossing distances for pedestrians

Slow-moving traffic has been proven to be vital for supporting successful retail and restaurants.

Inviting cyclists and pedestrians with safe infrastructure has also been shown to support retail and restaurants. (The Walkable City, Jeff Speck). Moving the bike lanes to W. Franklin Street could also allow on-street parking and loading zones to return to W. Rosemary Street. The current design of W. Rosemary Street leads to conflicts between cyclists, delivery trucks, and pedestrians.

The Town Council unanimously sent the item to staff. We will keep you all updated on the process, and will be looking for your input along the way.

Please reach out if you have questions or concerns. For business owners on W. Franklin Street, I will be emailing or stopping in your businesses to make sure I hear from you.

Read the official petition here.

Matt Gladdek
Executive Director
Chapel Hill Downtown Partnership