Downtown Chapel Hill



How is CHDP Funded? 

The Chapel Hill Downtown Partnership is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit corporation established by the Town of Chapel Hill, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and the downtown business community. The funding is provided by the Town, the University, and the downtown Municipal Service District tax.

How can I volunteer to help improve Downtown Chapel Hill? 

Visit our Volunteers & Interns page for details.  Contact Matt Gladdek at or call 919-967-9440 to find out more.

What is the purpose of the Downtown Partnership?

Our organization's mission is to create a healthy economic environment for the downtown business district. Everyone benefits from the services we provide. Business and property owners benefit from an improved business environment, increased foot traffic & patrons in their businesses, and increased property values. The Town of Chapel Hill and Orange County benefit from an improved tax base. The University of North Carolina benefits from an improved district that offers a higher quality of life for staff, faculty, and students. And the community benefits from an increase of goods and services; and a sense pride and loyalty to their local economy. 

When does the CHDP board meet and can I attend the meeting? 

The CHDP board meets on the 2nd Thursday of the month at 8:30 AM at Launch Accelerator, 306 West Franklin Street. Please contact the Executive Director of the Partnership, Matt Gladdek, at or call 967-9440 with questions. The public is welcome to attend.

I would like to become a board member. How do I apply? 

Six of the Board of Directors members are appointed by the Town and UNC and serve staggered, three-year terms. Three members are chosen by the other board members and serve staggered one-year, two-year and three-year terms. Two of the members are non-voting liaisons.  There are two student positions as well. Applicants must fill out a Town application and a CHDP application. To learn the terms of current board members, see CHDP Board.

How can I make a donation to CHDP? 

To make a contribution to the Downtown Partnership for the general downtown revitalization efforts or for specific projects, please contact us at 919-967-9440. Contributions to CHDP are tax deductible.