Downtown Chapel Hill
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How to Open a Business

How to Open a Business in Chapel Hill

Whether you're just starting your search or have identified your location for your business we want to be a resource making your opening process smooth and efficient.  Call or email Bobby Funk at the Downtown Partnership (919-967-9440 / to guide you through the opening process.


  • How to Open a Business Guide - a step-by-step guide that has all of the offices and contact names you’ll need to get your business open on Franklin Street.
  • Demographic information and data for all of Orange County, NC

    Already have a space in mind for your business? Look Before You Lease is a service offered by the Town of Chapel Hill's Fire & Inspections departments. They will do a walk-through of the potential space with you and do a eyes-only inspection; informing you of potential issues to consider about the space BEFORE you lease or even buy it. To schdule call the Inspections Department at 919-968-2718.

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