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Downtown Celebration Information: GO HEELS!

Downtown Celebration Information

From the Chapel Hill Police Department:

In the event of upcoming UNC basketball game wins, the Town of Chapel Hill is preparing to manage thousands of fans that historically converge on downtown Chapel Hill.  History has shown that Franklin Street at Columbia Street will be the likely focal points of any victory celebration.

This celebration is something that can be enjoyed safely by all, with coordination and planning between the Town and the downtown community.

If you have any questions contact:
Officer Phil Smith, Chapel Hill Police Department
(919) 968-2864 


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In the event of a UNC win, the decision to close downtown streets will be based on crowd size and behavior.  If streets are closed, no vehicular traffic will be allowed inside the closed area.

The following streets will be closed:
  • Franklin Street – from Raleigh Street to Mallette Street
  • Columbia Street – from Cameron Avenue to Rosemary Street
  • Raleigh Street – from Cameron Avenue to East Franklin Street
  • Henderson Street – from East Rosemary Street to east Franklin Street
 The following information is of special importance to merchants and property owners in the central business district:
  • Parking meter stations within the closed event will be bagged for No Parking starting at 3:30 P.M.
  • Vehicles left within the closed event will be towed starting at 7:00 P.M.
  • Please discourage employees and customers from parking in North Alley and South Alley.  Once the streets close, vehicles parked in South Alley, behind the Carolina Coffee Shop, will not have access to Franklin Street.
  • If your establishment sells paint, we ask that you restrict the sale of CAROLINA BLUE paint for this week.
  • No alcoholic beverages will be allowed in the closed area. Alcoholic beverages cannot be served at sidewalk dining locations once the streets are closed. This restriction is authorized by Town ordinance regulating the possession of alcohol within an area closed for a special event. 
  • If your establishment sells alcohol, we ask that you restrict all servings to paper or plastic cups and all bulk sales to cans on order to keep glass out of the closed area.
  • If your establishment has an awning or removable signs, we recommend removing/securing them in order to keep them from being damaged.
  • If possible, ensure that interior and exterior rooftop doors are secure to keep people off of the roof.
  • Manage crowds by adhering to your occupant load posting and maintain clear means of egress from your business.  Fire Inspectors will be conducting life safety and overcrowding inspections during the games.
  • Remove loose combustibles that can be used as fuel for bonfires.  These items include unsecured signs, picnic tables, trashcans, cardboard, toilet paper, etc.
  • The Town will have cardboard recycling containers emptied at 2:00 pm on Saturday & Monday, should UNC advance.  After 2:00 pm, all cardboard must be secured inside your business to avoid the availability of fuel for bonfires.  Trash dumpsters in the closed area will be locked or wetted down prior to the end of the games.
  • Please be aware of the potential hazards associated with these events and have your staff monitor for situations that might be hazardous.  If any condition becomes dangerous, call 911 immediately.
The Chapel Hill Downtown Partnership brings together the resources of the Town, University and downtown community to maintain, enhance and promote downtown as the social, cultural, and spiritual center of Chapel Hill through economic development.  Learn more at
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