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Promo Opp: Public Housing Resident Newsletter

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The Public Housing Resident Newsletter is a monthly newsletter that is direct mailed to over 400 people who live in one of our 13 communities around Chapel Hill. Five of those communities are located within the geographic area that defines downtown Chapel Hill. The newsletter is a combination of information germane to government operations and activities and events around Chapel Hill.  

The newsletter consists of safety tips, information about what’s going on in the community, economic and educational opportunities, useful information on activities taking place in Chapel Hill, volunteer opportunities, upcoming events, and other feature articles about our community.  The Public Housing Resident Newsletter is just one more way to implement the vision of the Town of Chapel Hill: Connections. Choices. Community

Promotional Opportunity:

  • The newsletter will feature downtown businesses each month.
  • That business must offer a promotion, special, discount, or coupon to the readers.
  • Promotions of alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, and drug paraphernalia are prohibited
  • Businesses can send any combination of graphics, logo, and copy.

To Participate: