Downtown Chapel Hill
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Public Art

Public Art


Windows on Chapel Hill

Downtown Chapel Hill storefronts come to life with site-specific installations by local artists! A collaborative project between the Chapel Hill Downtown Partnership and the Town of Chapel Hill Public and Cultural Arts Office; we bring pop-up art displays to downtown storefronts, promotes artists in our community and further establish downtown Chapel Hill as a dynamic space for art. Artists interested in being considered for installations should contact Meg McGurk at 919-967-9440 or

Sculpture Visions

 Sculpture Visions is an outdoor art exhibit featuring a variety of styles, themes and media. These artworks create a sense of beauty, place and uniqueness that are a part of the shared experience for Chapel Hill’s residents and visitors.

Downtown's Murals

Downtown Chapel Hill has over 20 hand-painted murals, almost all by local artists Michael Brown and Scott Nurkin, and many with the help of children in the commnunity. The murals are cultural fixtures of our community that make the downtown come alive in colors, figures and patterns. Some murals are tucked in alley ways while others are sprawled across vast building walls; collectively they have helped define a distinctive character that belongs only to downtown Chapel Hill. 

Crosswalks & Signal Boxes

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In 2017 the Town of Chapel Hill engaged local artists to create designs for colorful crosswalks in three locations downtown; with two more coming in the future. Additionally, two signal boxes on Rosemary Street exude the vibrancy of color and life on the equator with bright colors and shapes. Artist Daniel LeClaire was commissioned to paint them as part of the Creative Projects Program by the Town. It is part of the overall effort to enliven the Rosemary Streetscape.

Exhale on the 140 West Plaza 

The Plaza at 140 West Franklin Street is downtown Chapel Hill's newest music and arts venue that features  live music, dance, and interactive arts each Friday during the spring and fall. Artist Mikyoung Kim's sculpture Exhale comes to life with mist and lights; making every interaction unique for all.