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Real Change from Spare Change is a community-wide initiative designed to educate, encourage, and empower the community to evoke real change for those in need.Real Change from Spare Change raises funds for street outreach to homeless individuals and supports educational efforts on poverty issues in our community. 

It sends a powerful message to all in our downtown...Do Not Give Money Directly to Panhandlers, There's A Better Way to Help! Real Change from Spare Change is an initiative of the Chapel Hill Downtown Partnership.  Our mission is to bring the resources of the Town, University, and the downtown community together to maintain, enhance and promote downtown through economic development. Although it may seem small, donating spare change can make a difference when it comes to funding basic human needs. 

Housing for New Hope to fund street outreach in Orange County. Outreach workers help clients get medical attention, mental health services, navigate the human services system and get into a healthier life style and permanent homes. Funds also support community education on poverty issues.