Downtown Chapel Hill
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Theaters & Performing Arts

Theaters & Performing Arts

Catapult into the drama of the performing arts as you experience classical music, theatrical comedy and drama, artisticfilms and new-release movies.  Witness nationally acclaimed and award winning directors, actors and musicians at cultural venues all within walking distance from each other in downtown and on UNC's campus.

The Varsity Theatre

123 East Franklin Street

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The Varsity Theatre has been a landmark of Chapel Hill and Franklin Street for over 50 years. Since the Sorrell building was built in 1927, it has always housed a movie theater, starting with the original Carolina Theater and then the Village Theater before becoming home to the Varsity. In November 2009 new owners took over and gave the Varsity a new life creating a downtown destination for all. Cosmetic improvements have given the theater an old time feel as well as allow the landmark space to be utilized for social gatherings and parties. The theater shows a mix of classic and new movies. 

Forest Theatre  

Country Club Road

The Forest Theatre, an outdoor amphitheater on UNC campus, is open during the year for performances, weddings and other events.  The Theatre dates back to 1916 when the first outdoor drama was performed at this site.  The Forest Theatre is located within Battle Park and is maintained by the North Carolina Botanical Garden.  Photo courtesy of the North Carolina Botanical Garden.

Playmakers Repertory Company

250 Country Club Road 


Playmakers captures your attention with humorous comedies that make you laugh until your sides hurt and captivating dramas that bring tears to your eyes.  Be transformed into the lives of those on stage to contemplate the mysteries of life or to simply enjoy a delightful tale.  Photo courtesy of Playmakers Repertory Company.

UNC Music Department

Columbia Street & Cameron Avenue

The Department of Music occupies three principal buildings: Kenan Music Building (125 S. Columbia Street), Hill Hall (145 E. Cameron Avenue), and Person Hall (181 East Cameron Avenue). Concerts and other departmental events are typically held in these buildings. Many concerts, workshops, and events are open to the community. 


Memorial Hall  

114 Cameron Avenue

Delight your senses with performances at Memorial Hall.  Take in the elegant sounds of the harp, cello, oboe and clarinet.  Observe the flexibility and poise of professional dancers in performances throughout the year, including the annual Nutcracker performance with the Carolina Ballet.