Windows on Chapel Hill


Downtown Chapel Hill storefronts come to life with site-specific installations by local artists! A collaborative year-long project between the Chapel Hill Downtown Partnership, Town of Chapel Hill Public and Cultural Arts Office, and smArts Creative Programs & Events brings eye-catching pop-up art displays to downtown storefronts, promotes artists in our community and further establish downtown Chapel Hill as a dynamic space for art.

In the summer of 2014 we continued the popular Windows on Chapel Hill pop-up art installations throughout downtown. Featuring three new striking displays by local artists on Franklin Street and Rosemary Street.  Art installations will ran September 1 through the end of December. This is the fourth year of Windows on Chapel Hill; having installed 18 different artists since 2011.


We are looking for artists to install in the spring run of Windows on Chapel Hill. CLICK HERE FOR COMPLETE DETAILS. Deadline to apply is January 30. 


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In The Garden by Andrew Fansler 
108 East Franklin Street - Walgreen's Display Case

Flower Box.jpg

The landscape-driven, interdisciplinary works created by Andrew Fansler ask for a shift in perspective as to how we relate to our environment and, in turn, one another. Created from a stockpile of materials both natural and man made, this project is an interpretation of the local landscape.  North Carolina's wooded hills and welcoming waters are special in the minds of those who visit them.  Stumbling into the mysterious places our region has to offer is enthralling, and Fansler hopes to communicate that experience here.  Price on request.

Artist Bio: Andrew Fansler employs a wide range of medium and method to create installations and sculpture that address our tenuous connections to metaphysical realms. In support of his work, Fansler was awarded a Regional Artist Project Grant by the Winston-Salem Arts Council in 2013 and was recently an Artist in Residence at Greensboro's living museum, Elsewhere. Fansler is currently instructing sculpture courses at Forsyth Tech and Salem College. He earned a BFA from UNC Asheville and an MFA at University of Chicago.

Natural Resource by Jaclyn Bowie & Lily Lane
333 W. Rosemary St, Ste 130 (Shortbread Lofts)

Cotton, raw sheep’s wool, long leaf pine needles, hand-netted jute, bamboo, and watercolor are materials which may describe functional craft before being associated with installation art. Artists Jaclyn Bowie and Lily Lane have intentionally challenged the perceived limitations of these local materials through working them into a part celestial, part nautical, highly textural composition including three life-size watercolor figures and a nine foot woolen and pine needle abstracted canoe. At night, the waterscape turns skyward with LED constellations outlining the forms. The  display is both a celebration of water and a call for concern. A reliable water supply is both vital and threatened by our modern addiction to convenience and single-use products. By including locally sourced and minimally processed materials to create the work, the artists hope to reduce their contribution to environmental and social exploitation.

Jaclyn Bowie.jpg

Artists Bio: Jaclyn Bowie is a North Carolina native who in 2011 received a BFA with a concentration in sculpture from Appalachian State University. Born in High Point, she is a currently a community artist-in-residence at Artspace in Raleigh, NC, having completed a Regional Emerging Artist Residency in 2013. Bowie reinvestigates traditional craft techniques to repurpose man-made and natural non-art materials to create hybrid art forms. Select exhibitions include Schwa Show: 12th Annual National Juried Art Exhibition at Emerge Gallery, Greenville, NC; SUM Art Works: Intern & Emerging Artist Exhibition, Barn 2 Gallery, Salem, NY; and Malus Domestica, Turchin Center for the Visual Arts, Boone, NC.  For more information on Jaclyn Bowie, go to


Lily Lane was born in Wilmington, NC and has a BFA in Studio Art from Appalachian State University where she won the Juror’s Selection Best Drawing award in Art Expo 2010 for a portrait of herself using a toilet. The following year was no less spectacular at Art Expo 2011, when she snatched Best Fiber Art in the Faculty and Student categories for a plush and cuddly life-sized sculpture of a road-kill deer- including intestines! In Fall 2013 Lane was shown at Artfuel. Currently, Lane can be found live painting on regular occasion for the people’s entertainment at the Not-So-Secret-Secret Show and Soul Circus, live poetry events at Bottega gallery and wine bar in Wilmington, where Lane participates in a wide variety of collaborative projects including guerilla gardening, zines, landscape design, public graffiti, art blogs, social games, and transformative education.  For more information on Lily Lane, go to www.lilybritanylane.

Monsanto's Harvest II by Paul Vernon
104 West Franklin Street (between Ben & Jerry's and I Heart NY Pizza)

This piece speaks to the practice of large corporations using their power to abuse the legal system to suppress and intimidate individuals and small businesses, in this case the small family farmer.  As an intimidation tactic, Monsanto has used its corporate attorneys to sue small farmers for patent infringement when pollen from their genetically modified crops blows into the fields of neighboring farms.  A grouping of sculptures of heads and faces in root bound plants are intended to represent farm families and farmers harvested by corporate avarice.

Artist Bio:  My art training has paralleled my scientific education (Chemistry and Materials Science) with sculpture classes at UNC, sculpture and drawing at the College of Charleston, and glass blowing at Penland School of Crafts.  I have been involved with Liberty Arts, a nonprofit foundry in Durham since 2005 by casting bronze in the foundry and currently am a Liberty Artist and member of the board of directors.  I am a partner in Firefly Hotglass Studio in Durham.  I am intrigued with the creative process and enjoy the act of creating something novel, whether a new sculpture or a new invention. Often this takes the form of putting two disparate materials or viewpoints together in a different way to create something new. For me this can be combining glass with iron or applying science and engineering to the arts.  In recent a series I have been using by background in materials science to explore how changing the material used to create a sculpture can change the meaning and the viewer’s interpretation of the piece.  These "root heads" are a continuation of that exploration by growing plants into molds I originally designed for blown glass to create the root bound images.  For more info on Paul Vernon, go to 


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For more information on how to create store front installations in your community, Triangle ArtWorks has created a Pop Up Tool Kit.

Additionally, an art wrapped Transit bus by Chapel Hill artist Mary Carter Taub entitled Mobile Mural will be traveling downtown routes for a year beginning in March 2013 as part of the Town’s Downtown Art Program in partnership with the Orange County Arts Commission.

Windows on Chapel Hill is made possible by funds from the Town of Chapel Hill's Public and Cultural Arts Office, Windows on Chapel Hill has grown from one location in 2012  to four sites in the fall of 2013.  To support this and other arts initiatives in our community please make a donation to Friends of Chapel Hill Parks & Recreation 

Windows on Chapel Hill is curated by Sarah Wolfe of smArts Creative Programs & Events. Producing creative, engaging and affordable programs and events that help exemplify and/or promote an organization, business or individual’s work and goals. More Info

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